Fun in the Sun!

Wow! What a crazy past couple days! On Saturday morning we went to an NGO! They focused on connecting with the youth and empowering them to make a difference in their own country! Multiple people spoke about the conditions that are present in the Dominican Republic when it comes to women's rights as well as being of the youth! They gave a great message that made us all want to take the next step in helping the DR become even better. After the NGO, we explored the caves that belong to Samana island. We saw cave dwellings from the indigenous people that represented their past as well as their actions during that time. It was an interesting experience to see how they lived and what their life was like back then. After the caves, we were able to go to a beach on Samana Island where you could see your feet below you in the water. Many played beach volleyball while others swam in the Caribbean Sea. It was an adventure for all of us! For most of us, it was the bluest water we had even seen. It was such an awesome experience and one day we hope to come back again.

Having a free day on Sunday made us appreciate the freedom we're given during J-term. While some of us spent the day at the mall, others watched the Broncos and Steelers duke it out. This day gave us an opportunity to reflect on our experiences so far and enjoy the sights, smells, and experiences Santo Domingo offers. We can't wait to experience what else this country has to offer. 

A view from the boat ride!
Birds laying on a old dock from back when the Spainards used the DR for exports and imports!
These are called Mongrol trees! We passed them on our way into one of the caves we looked at!