We made it to the Dominican!

Friday, January 8th

We spent our last day in Haiti soaking up the sun at Obama beach in Williamson. The beach originally had a different name but was renamed when President Obama was inaugurated in 2008 in the United States. It was nice to get out of the city for awhile and take in the mountains. We were able to kick back and relax, swim in the Atlantic Ocean, search for sea shells, play cards, and enjoy a delicious lunch of chicken and fish prepared by the resort staff. It was the perfect way to wrap up our time in Haiti.

Saturday, January 9th

After a LONG bus ride we have finally arrived in the Dominican Republic! The journey across the border from Haiti to the Dominican was unlike anything any of us have ever experienced before. We reached the border by narrow gravel roads that wound around a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. There were people everywhere offering money to carry our suitcases and trying to sell us stuff. After going through immigration, we had to take our suitcases to be "searched." Some of us had to open our bags while others were just waived through. Something interesting to note is that the other Haitians that were on our bus got searched thoroughly, while many of us easily passed through. After making it successfully across the border, we has several stops before making it to Santo Domingo, including what we thought might be a flat tire. Several strange things happened while on the bus including a man wandering on selling peanuts, a soldier checking passports, a search dog and men offering to exchange currency. The difference between Haiti and the Dominican was clearly noticeable and we are all excited for the next few weeks here! We ended the day with a nice dinner and are looking forward to our tour of Santo Domingo tomorrow!

Amelia and Hannah

Playing cards!
All of us at the beach!!
All of us on the bus!!