Even Miami is Crying

This morning we left Ak'bol through a cloud of dust and tears. We saw our trip abroad flash before our eyes as we looked out the window in silence headed to the San Pedro airport. The laughs, the walks, the nightly discussions, the sun, the open water, the sharks, and rays all slipped out of reach one tire revolution at a time.

We will never forget the experiences we shared and the people we shared them with during our short time studying in Belize.

We hopped aboard two small 12-seater planes on our quick island hop back to the Belize City airport. Co-piloted by Anna Balk and Ashley Erickson, our fleet caught the last glimpse of Ambergris Caye before it was enveloped in the glare of the island sun.

On the bright side, we won't have to worry about getting too tan here in Miami where the sun refuses to shine and the rain slowly drips from the sky. Each drop, a reminder of the tears we fight to retain.

On the brighter side, we all made it through customs and border control without problems, adding a few stamps to the ole passport.

I should probably stop typing now. I'm too depressed our trip is over.

We leave Miami in two hours.

Pre flight micro-plane cabin check.