The Tropical Land They Call Ambergis Caye

Yesterday we left Belize City and the mainland for the last time on a water taxi headed for Ambergis Caye. The water grew a lighter shade of blue and the tropic paradise became visible as we glided into the dock at San Pedro.

A smaller water taxi took us the last few miles up the beach to our home for the next week and a half, the Ak'bol Yoga Retreat. Namaste.

The first few hours we spent unpacking and acclimating to the hot island sun.

Today, we woke up and ate a delicious breakfast. Side note: Fried Jacks may be my new favorite breakfast food, a Belizean deep fried bread served with honey syrup. Mmm!

The snorkels and masks were distributed, and we spent the length of the day getting aquatinted with our gear and exploring the marine life around the Ak'bol dock. Needlefish, Stingrays, yellowtail snappers, butterfly fish, starfish, puffer fish, on and on. This is only the dock; can't imagine what the reef will be like.

Reef action starts tomorrow.

The palapa pier at Ak'bol Retreat.