Major Tom Didn't Like Star Wars VII (Warning: Spoilers Included)

We said our final goodbyes to Monkey Bay and began our journey to the ancient city of Lamanai. The site is only accessible by boat, so we drove as far as we could before hopping in a 24 ft skiff to continue our excursion up the New River. 

We arrived at the ancient city around noon. We learned 'Lamanai' was the Mayan word for 'submerged crocodile', and that this particular ruins is the only site to retain it's true Mayan name because historically the city was inhabited most recently. All the other Mayan ruins around Mesoamerica have been renamed because the true names were unknown (i.e. Cahal Pech, Chichen Itza, etc.). 

Among the dead city, we summitted the highest point in Northern Belize, the king's pyramid, at 312 ft above sea level. We could see for miles in every direction and hear howler monkeys amongst the tree tops.

On our drive back to civilization our guide, Major Tom, arguably the most interesting man in the world, sang to us all the songs he knew and then proceeded to give us his review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He didn't like it to say the least.

"I finished watching it, and I was like, 'Well, Han Solo is dead'."

The day ended at the Princess Hotel in downtown Belize city with some thin crust pizza. 

Emma Carpenter, atop the highest point in northern Belize (312').
Libby Mumm, living on the edge.