The Eagle has Landed

A Vow

I could have titled this article "We Belize We Can Fly", but I won't. I could've named this article "We Belize We Can Touch the Sky", but I won't. For the sake of my integrity. For the entirety of my blogging career in Belize, I vow to never use any cringe-worthy Belize puns. I think we can all agree the world has had enough of them already, and I don't want to contribute any pain-inducing one-liners.

The Eagle

On a more related note, our travels went smoothly. They may have started a bit too abruptly, but after a 2:00 am wake up call, we were off on our journey. Fighting for consciousness, we all checked in, but were temporarily slowed when TSA officers swarmed Dr. Eichinger for a routine pat-down.

Nevertheless, we all made it on the flight and quickly dozed off only to awake three hours later on the ground in Miami. We found refuge at Starbucks, and soaked all of our troubles away in the sweet aroma of coffee grounds as the caffeine pulsed through our bodies. We boarded the last leg of our journey eager to see this place they call Belize we have all read so much about.

The Land

When the wheels touched down in Belize, no one said, "Gee, I miss that Midwest ice and snow." We welcomed the 80 degree air as we moved through customs. The bags were gathered, and we packed into our van destined for our lodging at Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. After showing off our knowledge of lowland pine, submontane, and montane forest ecosystems, we finally arrived at our destination. It is a long way from where we began this morning, but we are all here safe and sound, excited for the experiences to come.

The first stroll in the Belizean forest.