The Journey Home

Well, today was the day. Coming home from any trip is bittersweet, this one maybe more so on the bitter side of things. 

Our day started pretty early as we were catching a 7:25am bus to the Glasgow airport. Despite having to walk through rain to get there, everything went smoothly. That trend continued throughout the day as we had no issues with our first flight, survived our four-hour layover at London Heathrow, and made a smooth connection to our final flight back to Chicago. We enjoyed a vast collection of movies and tv shows along with a very smooth flight back to the US. Then it was just a matter of getting through customs and people finding their rides.

What an amazing experience this has been. It has been a pleasure to keep family and friends up to date as we journeyed through the UK on this life changing experience. I know that we will all remember this trip and all have plenty of stories to tell. Thanks for keeping up with the trip, and I hope you enjoyed!

A shot out the window on our flight from London to Chicago.