Day One in Glasgow

This morning I woke up relatively early to eat breakfast and explore the city. I walked all around Merchant City, which is in the West End of Glasgow close to the Euro Hostel we are staying in. I also stopped for a coffee in a local coffee shop. By the time I got back from wandering around the neighborhood it was time to meet with the group.

Today we went on a group excursion to the People's Palace which was opened during the late 19th century as a cultural haven for the people who made up the East End of Glasgow. Today it is used as a museum which is meant to preserve the Glaswegian culture. There was also an adjoining winter garden (greenhouse) which was quite enjoyable. It was nice to sit and journal while being surrounded by vegetation. 

After we finished exploring the People's Palace we ventured to a local outdoor market where we dispersed. Unfortunately, there was not much at the market so most of the students went to get some lunch. A couple of us walked around the city then found our way to the Cathedral and Necroplis. The Necropolis was quite interesting because it was a graveyard on a high hill which consisted of rather ornate gravestones. After walking around for a bit we made our way back to the hostel so we could have time to rest before we met up with the group for tea at five o'clock.
After tea, we made our way back to the Old Fruitmarket for another concert. Tonight, we heard a rendition of the famous album, "Graceland" by a young rock group called Bwani Junction. It was an energetic concert and we enjoyed listening to them recreate the music. After the concert, the group split up to either go to a session at a local brewery or head back to catch some sleep. Good first day here in Glasgow!
The venue where students watched the Bwani Junction concert tonight.
Glasgow Cathedral, where some students went to explore today.