Travels to Glasgow

Our adventures in Skye were marvelous. Although we had enjoyed our time in London, York, and Edinburgh, I think it is safe to say that our group had a very enlightening, if not spiritual, time in Skye that is very hard to beat. This morning, we departed our hostel in Uig and started on our seven hour trek to Glasgow. The trip was long and I'm sure that many of us would never wish to sit anywhere near velvet seating again.

We arrived in Glasgow around 6:00pm, settled ourselves in our new hostel, and watched an amazing concert through Celtic Connections. The main band, Moving Hearts, is a band that regrouped recently and is described as being Celtic/Rock Fusion. The band constitued an acoustic and electric guitarist, drumset, bass, auxillary percussion, saxohpone, pipes, whistle, accordian, and a special guest viloinist. The sound had both the traditional effervescence we experienced in Skye, and the up-tempo rock beats that wanted to keep you moving. 

We met some awesome people in Skye, such as our clinician Anne Martin and her family and community back in Uig, as well as an artist named Kari Gale who worked at the hostel we stayed at (her art is amazing, you can check it out on her website). We made some great connections there, but our journey into the last stretch of our visti to the UK isn't over. Tonight was a great night in Glasow, and I'm sure that the following events will match the excitement we had in the preceding parts of our trip.

A shot out the window on the way to Glasgow.