Day Two in Skye

We woke up today with beautiful weather this morning. We met with a jolly man named Arthur after breakfast who presented to us about "fèisean nan gaidheal." This program for the youth of Scotland learn about the musical traditions of instruments and learn how to play said instruments. Along with learning about the music of Scotland, the program also includes agricultural and adventurous activities. The program not only teaches about the Gaelic language but also the musical language. 

For lunch, we headed into town on a path near the shoreline. It felt like a dream! We ate at a place called Sheilings (Ella's Cafe) which served as a cafe and a novelty shop. We had soups, hot drinks, and cakes. Later on we had a harp workshop with Aellie who demonstrated her Celtic harp skills. Afterwards we got to try out the many harps that were in our possession and took turns trying to pluck a melody or two out. The workshop was very active and enjoyable for us all! We even tried plucking out the tune to our past Gaelic folk sang workshop and all sang along.      

KIDS! OH MY GOODNESS KIDS CUTE KIDS!!! We had some younglings from a local primary school perform for us in the early evening. They ranged from ages 6 to 11 and all performed for us. Each kid had some sort of musical instrument, vocal, and/or dance performance for us to watch and enjoy. The kids were very kind and very happy to be there. Afterwards, they taught us a jig that one of the kids performed. We all tried to jig but our space was limited and we kept on running into each other.

After our workshops for the day, we retired to playing family fun games and getting competitive over cards. It's always nice to have time in the evening to relax and enjoy the night. Last full day on Skye tomorrow.

Students at our feisean workshop.
Students enjoy a game night.
Students participate in a harp workshop.