A Few Twists and Turns, and a Happy Ending

Leaving our comfortable lodgings in Edinburgh at an early 8:25am, we sullenly walked through the city we had grown to love in only two days on the way to the train station, where we had planned a three legged train ride, followed by a bus ride to Uig, on the Isle of Skye. The ScotRail train carried us smoothly through Scotland, and we changed trains in Perth, on our way to Inverness. As we traveled North, we were able to mark our passage by the increasing amount of snow on the ground, the gradual transition of the scenery to greater mountainous peaks, and the difficulty we had in pronunciating the names of the stops. On our way to Perth we lost some time and due to our close connection with the final train, we missed it, despite being only twenty minutes late. As the railway had the responsibility to see us safely to Kyle of Lochalsh, we waited as they brought along a coach, which spirited us bumpily along to Kyle.  Once there, we met with the planned coach and our hostess Anna who showed us triumphantly– and finally– to The Cowshed: the most charming hostel overlooking Uig. We found waiting for us a group of students of Scottish folk music and we enjoyed conversation with them before sharing a delicious dinner of tomato soup, roast potatoes, roast beef, and trifle courtesy of our chef at the hostel. The delicacies of the night were not at an end, as we then had the fantastic opportunity to listen to our newfound friends and a couple of community members as they skillfully played Gallic music late into the evening at a local pub that opened for the first time for this occasion. A few Luther students provided their harmonious voices to the atmosphere, and all enjoyed an evening shared in community and music. The skill of these young musicians was remarkable, and this proved to truly be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Tomorrow, all are looking forward to exploring Skye, and I daresay we are already dreading our rapidly oncoming departure.

A view from the bus of the tracks on which we were meant to ride to Inverness.
A beautiful evening of folk music on the Isle of Skye.