Travels to the Isle of Skye

Had to get going early today to catch our first train to Skye, but we were all excited about getting to our destination. However, we had a long day of travel ahead of us. We were due to catch three trains along with a coach to get from Edinburgh to Skye. Our first two legs went great! We were able to see some amazing sights in the countryside and enjoyed being on the train. From there things got a little sketchy, but what is a trip without a little adventure?! Our second train got delayed by about twenty minutes and with a short layover at that station, we missed our train. We waited at the station for about half an hour for the train service to get our transportation sorted out. Finally, they got us on a coach to our next train station. The driver took things a little faster than some of us were hoping for along the narrow, winding roads of Scotland. Needless to say, it was a little nerve-wracking! However, we did catch more amazing views and got to our third stop safely. Finally, we had our last bus take us to Uig, which is the town on Skye where we will stay until Friday morning. 

Once we got here, it became quite clear that it was well worth the trouble. The Cowshed Boutique is a very nice place to stay! It is fairly new, so the building and furniture is very nice. My favorite part about the night was dinner. They cook our dinner for us here, and boy did I miss home cooking. We were treated to tomato soup, roast beef, potatoes, and vegetables before a lovely dessert. It was awesome!

We finished our night at the Ferry Inn, a pub in Uig where students from a music conservatory in Scotland performed Celtic music for a while. Very cool experience. The group, made up of nine musicians, played violin, accordion, bagpipe, guitar, flute, and drum. They were in sync with each other the whole time, and our class had an awesome time listening to them.

Exploration of Skye begins tomorrow!

A view from the train on our way to the Isle of Skye.