Day One: The London Life

Hello from London! Or, as the Brits like to say, "Ello"… excuse me while I go sit in the corner for telling such an awful joke.

We made it after a six-hour and fifty-five-minute flight filled with wonder, excitement, and discovery! Personally, I never knew the inflight movie list was as good as it was! Nor did I know that chicken and dumplings still taste great 38,000 feet in the air!

We made it through Heathrow Airport in no time and just got settled into our rooms at The Celtic Hotel! Unfortunately, there are no naps for this crew! A few of us may or may not have gotten approximately two hours of sleep, but shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone—we can fake alertness with coffee all day.

Today, after a quick stop at the bank and lunch break, we will head to the Hunterian Museum and walk around Bloomsbury! As I write this, many of us are sitting in the lobby of the Celtic waiting to get going. We’re all pretty exhausted, but everyone is antsy to get started! It begins today!

That’s it for now! Just know that we’re safe and sound in London! Don’t worry about us—the Queen will keep us safe.

Farwell from Europe,


P.S. We have already had our first famous person sighting of the trip today. Robin Wright, of House of Cards fame, was on the transit car in Heathrow. We didn’t bother her or get any pictures, but I still thought everyone would like to know. We all now have a claim to fame.

A view from the plane window as we flew over the UK. Typical rainy London weather...
Some of the Frankensteinians outside in Russell Square!