Sights for Sore Legs

For our second morning in Paris, the group started out with a guided tour (by Madame Feat) of the Louvre. We saw the Venus de Milo, the Mona Lisa, and various paintings by David. At the end of our visit, the group split into smaller groups to have free time around the beautiful city of Paris!


The Louvre was cool, and it was interesting to see everything that I’ve heard about! After the visit, I broke off with Kyla and we met up with a friend from school and went searching for the perfect cheap last lunch. We found a little café, and I had a delicious goat cheese sandwich because when in France, eat stinky cheese. After that, we took the metro to the Eiffel Tower and we climbed up it! With the stairs, you can only go to the second floor, but that is still halfway up the tower, and the view is better there than on the top, in my opinion. It was an incredible experience to climb back down, only wheezing a little bit, and say “I climbed that.”

After the Eiffel Tower, we ran into some more Luther friends, which was so cool! I loved seeing people outside of the group. We said our hi’s and our see you back at Luther’s, and then Kyla and I headed down to the Champs- Elysées to do some last minute sightseeing and shopping. We got crêpes because we deserved to treat ourselves, and kept walking until we realized that we were dangerously close to being late for dinner. Taking the metro back was arguably one of the best ideas we’ve had all day, because our legs felt like jello from the 10+ miles of walking and all of the stairs.

Dinner together was nice, but it definitely reminded me of how we leave tomorrow. It is just so scary how fast one month flew by, and I remember being incredibly nervous going on my first trip without my parents and thinking it would drag on. This has been an incredible experience, and tomorrow we have to say au revoir, but hopefully not adieu to this great country.


After the Louvre visit, I found a stand on the street and got a crêpe with ham, cheese, and an egg for lunch! Food has been one of my favorite parts of our time in France! A few of us then climbed 386 stairs to the top of the southern bell tower of Notre Dame. The view was absolutely beautiful and the gargoyles were amazing to see up close! Plus our legs felt like jello from all of the climbing and walking!

Once we were done at Notre Dame, we took a metro to the Eiffel Tower. Alex and I shared a Nutella crêpe and took a picture with it in front of the Tower, just to be as stereotypical French as possible! After many pictures and looking at the beautiful landmark, we took a metro back to the hotel to meet the group for our last dinner together in France.

Eating dinner together tonight was bittersweet. We had a lovely meal with stimulating conversations, however there was a feel in the air that this was our last time together in this country we have lived in for the past month. We all had wonderful meals of steak, chicken, salads, and duck and finished the meal with delicious desserts such as crème brulée, half-baked chocolate cake, and upside-down apple pie.

Happily full from a great meal, many returned to the hotel to pack and go to bed. After all, we have to be awake and ready by 5 in the morning to catch our flight. For now, we say, “See you next time, France!”

The ever popular pyramids outside of the Louvre museum
The Louvre ft. Coldplay's Viva la Vida album cover. Because I just learned today that it is a real painting.
Found a Luther friend in Paris!
One of the incredible views of the city just from the 1st floor of the tower!
Another one of the city views from the floor up. See if you can spot the Arc de Triomphe!
Alex, Kalie, and I got some amazing views of the city from the top of the Notre Dame.
The Luther french group took over the small restaurant for dinner.