Last days!


The time has flown by; here we are on our second to last day of internships! For me, this is my last day with the director of the association that I’ve been shadowing. Tomorrow I’m observing at a middle school, and even in such a short amount of time I’m going to be sad to leave. We drove to a couple of places, but the highlight of the day was visiting an Arab outdoor market before lunch, which was huge! Dozens and dozens of stalls and vendors, selling all sorts of food and clothing (and anything else you could want). Monsieur Salem (my director) explained how almost everyone at the market was Arab of some sort, and the people selling their fares set up in the morning and take everything down again at noon. They move around to different spots throughout the week, and M. Salem explained how back in his home country of Libya things like this are common and part of everyday life, so it was a great experience to see a type of that in Tours.

After our internships, we had a class dinner at Madame Bigoude, a crêperie that most of us students had eaten at a week ago. Today was the whole class and Dr. Feat, and eating all together was a wonderful way to wrap up our final week in Tours. Everyone has had great experiences one way or another, and everyone’s French has definitely improved. We are truly beyond blessed to be here, and seeing how this is our last blog post I just want to say on last thank you to Tours and all the amazing people here that are going to make it so hard for us to leave Saturday! Au revoir mes amis!


As my internship at Aqua gym is winding down, it's been easy to start reflecting on this experience, not only my experience at aqua gym, but also in France. While looking back at all I've done, I've realized what I'll remember isn't so much the things I've done, or I've seen, but rather the people I've met and the discussions I've had. All my classmates have been taking pictures constantly of all the food, places, and castles we've seen, and I know I'm not much of a picture taker, but I do regret not taking pictures with all the people that I've met. Whether it be the wonderful employee's at Aqua gym, the 78 yr old French Military Vet that I'd see everyday working out, or the other random individuals I've met at various bars. I've met all kinds of people, each having either their wonderful story of their own to share, or just willing to talk about really anything. I've had conversations regarding things such as; the similarities and differences between Marine La Peine and Donald Trump, cultural differences like music, slang, movies, and night life, the difference between all other sports and Ultimate, and the various reactions between different countries regarding the terrorism in France. I'm saddened by the fact that this trip must have an end, but I know this country and certainly the city of Tours, will be waiting for my return some time in the future.

Outdoor market I visited. Cold, but fun!
The clothing section of the same market- they are all so highly varied!
Ian enjoying what might have been the best meal of the trip at Mamie Bigoude's
Great people eating great food together! Mamie Bigoude's crêpes are the best!