Leaving so Soon!

How is it that we only have two days left in this beautiful city?! It seems like we arrived just yesterday. Today we already had our last day of class at the institute with our lovely professor, Romain. It’s amazing how much progress we have made in this short time when it comes to comprehending classes spoken entirely in French. When we first stared at the institute, we found it very difficult to understand the full on French approach that Romain had with our class. I think we can speak for our whole class when we say that we understand twice as much of the French that we used to only two weeks ago.

To celebrate our last day of school at the institute, there was a reception for our classmates along with our bosses from our respective internships. At this reception, we were able to meet the “tuteurs” of our peers and learn more about the environment that they have been working in. It’s been an exciting experience thus far and all of the perspectives that we gained from speaking with others about our internships has us feeling prepared for the final essay we have to write. The six to eight page paper sounds a bit daunting, but we have confidence that our three weeks here in Tours have given us plenty of substance to write about.

One student in our group in particular has already produced two segments for French television, which we had the pleasure to watch online! As he makes his way to a career in communications, he is already set apart from other students due to his international experience with and on television! That’s pretty cool if you ask us!

Both Marlene and I are gaining a little more responsibility with our internships everyday. From reading books to the class to making hotel reservations solo, we have come a long way since the first day in our establishments! We both can now understand a lot more of the conversations going on around us and French doesn’t sound as much as a “foreign language” to us anymore. So much learning in such a little amount of time!

Our group has grown much closer through the many adventures we have had since we arrived. We all know each other and we enjoy spending time in large groups. Marlene and I can confidently say that we have gained 15 awesome new friends that we can take back to Luther with us! We’ve already been talking about making t-shirts for the trip and getting together once we get back on campus. As we eat our last meal with our host families and start saying the first of many goodbyes, we can look back on some great memories we have made the past few weeks in Tours. The ups and downs of our internships, the long days we had in class the first week, the weekend excursions exploring castles older than we can imagine, and simply strolling around the city that now feels like home. Yes, we still have many adventures in Paris to come this weekend, but Tours has stolen a piece of our hearts. I think we can speak for our whole group when we say that we know we will return to Tours someday and we will remember these past few weeks for the rest of our lives!

The whole gang eating dinner at a delicious crepe restaurant that is well known around Tours!
Beautiful sunset view from the Ferris wheel in the heart of Tours!
Our house *castle* that we had the pleasure to stay in for the past few weeks
Some new friends from England that we made while exploring Tours!