French 347

With the help of Jordan's Pixar blanket, Ian has found a place for a much-needed catnap.

At the Airport!

Going to the airport in the midst of taxi and air traffic controller strikes! When in France... 

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Great people eating great food together! Mamie Bigoude's crêpes are the best!

Last days!

2 days left of our internships in very different jobs... 

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Beautiful sunset view from the Ferris wheel in the heart of Tours!

Leaving so Soon!

Our last days left in Tours: Last dinner with our families, last day of class, and a party!

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The beautiful Château de Chenonceau, or the Château des Dames. Most beautiful castle we've visited yet!

Tours Becomes Home

Two weeks in Tours- internships, field trips, an immense amount of French, it's been exhausting! But we're still having fun and loving this city!

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