Ancient Rituals in Ireland

Ancient Ireland

When we heard that we were going on a tour of one of the oldest sites in Europe, we weren't sure what to expect! It was so different than anything we had done this far since we've been primarily going to plays. But we all kept an open mind as we were excited to get out of a city and see the Irish countryside.

The tour did not disappoint, in fact, it was one of my favorite parts of the trip! First of all, we saw a tomb that is from 3,200 BC, an age that I cannot fully fathom. To put that in perspective, we stood in a building older than the pyramids and Stonehenge. In a time where everything is so disposable, it was amazing to see something that has been permanent for thousands of years. It gave me a sense of pride in humanity for being part of a species that can create such amazing things.

The tour was also fun because it was educational. Through the tour, we learned about Irish history from the Ice Age to the current; quite a feat in only a matter of hours! Nancy and our guide bonded over their love of literature, which was fun to see in between the facts she was telling us.

One last day

Tomorrow is our last full day in Ireland, and we plan to use it wisely! Some of us will pick up some souvenirs, some will visit a castle, and the smart ones will start working on our final paper! We'll miss Dublin, it's so fun to walk around, and each pub has been a delight.

We leave for the states Wednesday morning, so I'll update when we land in Chicago. It's been a wonderful month of theatre, culture, and food!  

We had so much fun in the warm windy weather of NewGrange.
Erik and I couldn't believe how windy it was today!
We've enjoyed the vibrant pub scene of Dublin's Temple Bar neighborhood.