Wilde About Dublin

Today, we had a free day in Dublin, and used it to explore some must-see spots.

Exploring the City

We we were so excited to have a free day to have some fun exploring Dublin. It's a very walkable city, it only takes about 20-30 minutes to walk anywhere. The main difficulty we've been having is it is hard for us to understand the Irish with their thick accents, and they feel the same about us!

We broke up into two main groups today: ones who went on a Guiness tour and ones who went to the Natural History Museum. The Guiness tour is always listed as one of the most fun things to do in Dublin, so we were excited for that. It was such an educational tour, and it was nice that it ended with a free pint of the famous beer!

Another group of us went to the Natural History Museum, famously called the "Dead Zoo". It's a collection of taxidermied animals, which sounds gruesome, but was actually really fun! The collection was huge, and the most interesting part was that you could get so close to some animals you could never in a normal zoo. I was thrilled when I got to pet a badger, he was so unexpectedly soft! Afterwards, we explored a nearby park where a statue of Oscar Wilde was, which we found appropriate as we studied his, "Importance of Being Earnest".

Ancient Ireland

Tomorrow morning we're traveling to New Grange, a Stone Age tomb in the countryside of Ireland. It was built around 3200 BC, and has underground tunnels, so that will be an entirely different experience. I look forward to writing about it!

We took a break from studying to explore a local park.
Caitlin and Jesus enjoy a pint on their Guiness tour.
Several of us visited a statue honoring playwright Oscar Wilde.