On to Dublin

On to Dublin

This morning we flew into Dublin for our last week of the trip. All went well, but it was a bit of a rough morning because we left for the airport at 6:00am, the earliest we've had to get up this month. We were going to hold class at the airport around 7:00am, but Nancy and Bobby saw our tired faces and realized it might not be the most productive conversation this early.

We're spending five days in Dublin, where we will see plays by Wilde, Shaw, and Beckett. It'll be a fun contrast to all the Shakespeare we've seen this last week!

Until next time, London

Our last week in London was wonderful. We all went to one last pub, saw our final touristy things (HARRY POTTER), and saw twelve, yes, twelve hours of Shakespeare in three days. As I said in my last post, we went to Shakespeare's King and Country Cycle, which includes four plays: "Richard II", "Henry IV part 1", "Henry IV part 2", and "Henry V". They were amazing, and such a powerful way to leave London.

We'll miss so many things about England. Theatre is so powerful here, and never will we see so many amazing plays in such a small amount of time. It so fun to learn how to use the tube, which would fluctuate between empty to packed. The museums were amazing, and almost all of them were free. And more than anything, it was so fun to wander the city with new friends. It'll be hard for Dublin to compete, but I know this coming week will be even more exciting than the last.

Kalla and Caitlin in the Tube.
A large group of us went on a Harry Potter tour.
Emily and I by the model of the King and Country set.