A Truly Magical Time

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good"

We know that we're here in England to see theatre, but it has been irresistible to go to Harry Potter adventures while we've been here. As I wrote a couple days ago, several of us went to Kings Cross Station to visit Platform 9 and 3/4s, but we were most excited for a studio tour Megan planned for Tuesday. A group of us left right after class in the morning and took a train to the outside of London where they filmed many of the movies. It was an amazing experience that reminded us of our childhoods, and how those stories will always impact us. There were costumes, sets, and puppets all across the tour, each of which was used in the making of the movies! 

The coolest thing was a display at the end of the tour, which was the model of Hogwarts that was used for all exterior shots. It was huge! It was about 50 feet across and 12 feet tall. It was so intricate, there were even tiny owls painted in the owlry! 

Shakespeare's view on English History

Yesterday, had our first experience with Shakespeare's King and Country Cycle at the Barbican Theatre. This performance will be four plays that tell English royal history from Richard II to Henry V. We started with Richard II night, and were all a bit star struck when we saw David Tennant onstage as Richard. His and all of the actors did an excellent job, and we are so excited for the next three plays. 

A Luther family in London

Finally, one of my favorite things this week was meeting Luther alumnus, Jesse Angelo. He's a 2008 theatre/dance and music grad, who is a working actor in London. He came to one of our classes to tell us about his experience being an American in London, and was excited to reconnect with the Luther family. He also took a few of us theatre majors to Guild Hall Drama School where he got his masters in acting. The school reminded us of the welcoming feeling of Luther's campus, which made a couple of us think about applying for it when we want to get our masters. Perhaps we will be visiting London again before too long. 

Gillian and Katelin had fun in Hagrid's motorcycle.
Anna and Amanda in Diagon Alley.
Jesse Angelo, a Luther alumn, visited us yesterday!