Beat the Rush

Goodbye, Bath

We got back in London a couple days ago, but it's been hard to blog with the limited WiFi! I'll try to post a couple more times before we go to Dublin next weekend!

Bath was beautiful. It was so interesting seeing the Georgian architecture in such a modern, vibrant city. On our full day there, we went to the Roman Baths, visited the Fashion Museum, and went to a concert. The concert was quite funny, we thought it was going to be a folk concert, but it ended up being a Canadian country singer! He referenced America quite a bit, which we found funny as the Americans sitting in the back.

One Last Week in London

On our first day back in London, we had a rush ticket day. That meant that we could go to a play (or plays) of our choice. Several of us went to the TKTS booth in Leicester Square, and made the poor choice of going three hours too early. We thought there would be crazy lines, but instead we were the first in line. We got some great prices though!

As for site-seeing, we've all been working on catching up on things we didn't see this week. For example, several of us went to Kings Cross to visit Harry Potter's Platform 9 and 3/4s. We may have cried a bit out of excitement.

Starting on Tuesday, we see the King and Country Cyle by Shakespeare, which we all have presentations on. It will be quite exciting. 

Nancy and Eva visited the fashion museum in Bath.
We visited a beautiful garden in Bath
Emily, Madeline, and Gillian had fun at Platform 9 3/4s.