It's "Bathtime"

Having fun in "ShakespeareLand"

We had so much fun learning about Shakespeare and his time period in Stratford-upon-Avon! We spent most of yesterday exploring the various historic homes associated with him in Stratford. We started in his childhood home and had fun performing some monologues in his garden! Then, we travelled to his daughters home, which is famous for having seven fireplaces! Lastly, we travelled to his wife's cottage on the outside of town, which has a famous Victorian garden. It was so lovely and green!

On our last morning, a few of us went to Shakespeare's grave in Holy Trinity Church. His whole family is buried there, and it was touching to see such a beautiful, old church preserved. Much of what we saw was from the 13th Century! 

Arriving in Bath

After seeing an afternoon performance of "Wendy and Peter Pan" in Stratford, we said goodbye and headed to Bath! We're only here one day, but plan to take in the famous Roman Baths, the Fashion Museum, and a folk concert! By Friday afternoon, we'll be back in London! 

We all had so much fun visiting Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon
Anna and Katelin were so excited to see Shakepeare's first folio.
We stopped for dinner on our last night in Stratford.