Mind the Gap!

We've had so much fun the last couple days in London and want to soak as much of it up before we head over to Stratford-upon-Avon.

"Mind the Gap!" 

As part of the expense of the trip, we have passes to use London's public transportation. Our favorite so far is the "tube", London's underground subway system. Initially, we were all a little nervous to use it, it serves over a billion people each year and it notorious for being busy and overwhelming (here are some more Tube facts). However, it wasn't too long before we got a handle on it, and we are feeling more and more like naturals. The other night, Erik caught himself being annoyed of some other Americans (not Luther students) for their lack of Tube-saavy. 

The Tube has even come up in one of our plays! It is prominently featured in "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime"--our second play we saw--and we were surprised by how much Tube slang we had already picked up!

"All the World's a Stage"

The most exciting thing that happened these last few days was our trip to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. The theatre was masterfully rebuilt in 1997, and it was so exciting to see something so historically and theatrically important. We had a guided tour and workshop in the Globe's acting studio. 

The tour was amazing, it started by our guide leading us onto the stage. We couldn't believe we were standing on a stage where so many talented actors and directors have worked. Not only is the Globe significant because of Shakespeare, but also because of the high quality of performances that are created there currently. It was a truly magical part of the trip.

Afterwards, we had a workshop in one of the Globe's acting studios. It was really fun, our teacher utilized one of the plays we're seeing, "As You Like It", to teach us about acting techniques that would have been used in Shakespeare's time. This mainly involved us running around the room, which was quite fun. 

Headed to Stratford

We only have a couple more days in London before we head to Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare's home. There, we'll see even more plays and learn about his life. I'll post when we're on our way. 

Dr. Bobby took a few students to visit the London eye
We've had fun eating out every night