We Arrive in the City of Love

Today was probably the most relaxed travel day we've had so far. It was a later morning (we left our hotel around 9:30) and took the tram to the train station. Once there, we relaxed and ate some sweet treats for about an hour and a half. Then we walked to the platform and climbed into the train car. The only struggle we had was finding enough room for all of our suitcases on the train. Even that was fixed pretty easily though. Then we sat on the train for about two and a half hours. 

The French countryside is absolutely gorgeous. It must have snowed right before we rode through because there were no marks on it yet. As Katie said, "It looks like Narnia." It was gorgeous. During the train ride, we tried to work on our papers. We were assigned a paper that examines some of the things we discussed in Florence. Things such as the relation between the culture and art or the relation between science and art (clue: back then, they were the same thing). It's pretty interesting stuff. 

Once in Paris, we took cabs to our hotel (hostel). This one is HUGE. During the little intro 'here are the rules' speech, I think the man mentioned that there were over 200 rooms. Plus, we get breakfast AND dinner again! It's pretty good food too. We got a little tour of the Metro and Paris tonight. We split into two smaller groups and navigated the Metro using our new little passes. My group decided to go to the open area by the Eiffel Tower. In other words, YES I saw it and YES I geeked out. I also took some photos of it because the Tower was lit up and twinkling. It was a great first night here and I'm so excited to spend the next week exploring!! 

Your friendly Jterm blogger,