Ciao! Um I mean, Bonjour!

We made it Strasbourg, France! Leaving Florence was bitter sweet: I was sad to leave behind my new home but excited to travel to France and experience life there.

The morning started off pretty relaxed. We enjoyed one last delicious breakfast at Hotel Casci before taking cabs to the airport. Security was a breeze to get through and we were on our flight in no time. We flew Swiss airlines to Zurich. It was about an hour and a half long flight. While on the little plane, we were given this amazingly yummy pastry. It was a turnover I think? Plus a little bar of Swiss chocolate that was delicious. I was really impressed. While we were flying, I looked out the window a few times and saw the Alps sticking out above the clouds. All in all, I think that was the best flight all trip. So far, at least. 

After our arrival in Zurich, we took a train the rest of the way to Strasbourg. It was actually three different trains with quick transitions between them, but we made all of them on time and didn't leave anyone behind! Woot!

We arrived at our hotel (it's actually a nice hostel) around eight and dropped off our stuff. Professor Merrit walked us downtown then we spilt up for dinner. Everyone made it back, safe and sound, and now we're all headed for bed.

Talk to you all again soon! 

Your friendly j term blogger, Jacque