What's Happening in Vietnam!


Day 1

On our first official day of Vietnam, Thursday, January 7, we visited with the U.S. Consulate, where we learned about the Vietnamese economy and the relationship between Vietnam and the United States. We also took a tour of an Environmental Engineering University in Ho Chi Minh with some students that we got to meet and chat with. It was really fun to get to know students at the University and hear about their studies and background.

For lunch, we ate as a group, and had our first authentic Pho experience. Pho is the national dish of Vietnam, so it was great to try authentic Pho in Vietnam, and for many people in our group it was their first time ever having the dish. Delicious!

Later on for dinner, we had the amazing opportunity to eat a five-course meal on a large boat, overlooking the city on the Saigon River. The ambiance and entertainment was a great ending for our first day in Vietnam

Day 2

Friday, we started the day off at the Chinatown market in Ho Chi Minh, where we encountered many little shops and food vendors amongst five floors. Later on, we attended a forum at the Ho Chi Minh University of Education. There, we also got to meet other students and discuss the differences between the Vietnamese and American school systems.

To end the day, our group split up and explored the nightlife. This city is incredible!

Cho đến lần sau! (Until next time)
Sam and Will

Traditional Vietnamese Pho dish