24 hours later... We have arrived at our destination

After nearly 24 hours of traveling we have all made it safely to Ho Chi Minh City. In our sleep deprived states we arrived to 90 degree weather and looked only a little out of place with our Midwestern winter gear.

Our first night in Chicago was spent learning about different topics in Vietnam from other students. We researched topics of our choosing prior to the trip and then shared our findings with the class. Topics presented were religion, migration, and food. While everybody did a great job, I think we would all agree that the food conversation made us excited to try Vietnamese Pho. Yet, we should all focus first on pronouncing it correctly.

Not too much to report from the plane rides except for we had our first Asian immersion by trying the tempura, egg noodle dish, and sake. Our two hour layover in Tokyo provided us with some time to wander Narita and stretch out our stiffened legs after the thirteen-hour flight.

Since finally coming together as a complete group, our conversations have been filled with anticipation for the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the lush countryside of the Central Highlands, and the miles of endless coastline. We are finally able to see and experience all of the cities, historical sites, food, and culture we have been reading about the last few months. Thus far, the group has a cohesive vibe and we eagerly anticipate what the next three weeks will bring in this tropical and diverse land. Now it is time to catch up on sleep that should have been done on the plane.

Egg noodles & shrimp tempura served over white rice. Taken on our flight to Tokyo.