Finding 'The One' in Hangzhou

We're on our way to Fuzhou tomorrow, but we have had an unforgettable time in Hangzhou. We got to our hostel on Tuesday evening after a hectic day traveling by bus and train. We spent today exploring Hangzhou's temples and meeting up with old friends.

After breakfast this morning, we walked about 30 minutes to the Lingyin temple and a collection of other temples. We stopped at a majority of the temples and made a couple of offerings to the Buddha. One of the temples sort of made a 'game' out of the offering by making people throw it into the top of a tall structure. It may have taken a couple of tries, but we all successfully made our offerings to the Buddha.

Then we went to the Hall of 500 Buddhas, which literally has 500 unique golden statues of the Buddha. Interestingly, these 500 Buddhas in Hangzhou are almost identical to the 500 Buddhas we found outside of a Japanese temple in Shikoku. Professor Kopf challenged us to take a selfie with 'The One', the Buddha that he picked for us to find. We couldn't find it so we found a different Buddha instead.

Later in the afternoon, we met up with Luther alum, Hannah, who currently studies in Hangzhou. We went out for an authentic Chinese dinner and the food was absolutely amazing. Some people were adventurous and tried some chicken feet, and they said it was delicious!

Although we will miss Hangzhou, we can't wait to see what's in store for us in Fuzhou!

Students throwing coins to make offerings to the Buddha.
Posing in front of one of the 500 Buddhas.
Dinner at a Chinese restaurant with Luther alum Hannah and Hangzhou students.
Several students lighting incense at the Lingyin Temple
The Buddha at Hangzhou