Kukai says Hi

Yesterday, we had a long traveling day which included six trains, two buses, and a cable car. We only had a minor hiccup when we all accidentally got on the wrong train, but we all disembarked at the speed of light and made it to the next train. Overall, it was a great day to catch up on reading and for some of us, sleep. We arrived at our temple on Mount Koya a little after nine and took a nice warm bath that was much needed.

Today, we woke up early for the fire ceremony that started at 6:00 am. We had the option to write our prayers on prayer sticks (for a small fee) to be burned during the ceremony.

Later, we went and visited Kongobuji temple that had wonderful screen paintings that told the story of Kukai (Kobo Daishi). Kukai was the person who brought Shingon Buddism to Japan and more specifically, Mount Koya. Next, we visited the Garan which featured many beautiful stupas and the Koyasan Reihokan Musuem. We ended our scheduled day with a walk through the stunning graveyard surrounding the Oku no in, Kukai's mausoleum.

Monk at the fire ceremony on Mount Koya
A photo of the cartoon Kukai in front of Konpon Daito (The Great Stupa) on Mount Koya