In the Thick of Things: Part 2


I've been fortunate enough to get to work with a couple of different biology teachers at the high school. I've also sat in on a few chemistry classes, a math class, and a history class. It's been very interesting to see different teaching styles and how the teachers interact with the kids. I taught my first lesson on Friday! The kids seemed to understand and enjoy my protein synthesis activity and I was overjoyed with their participation. It's been a good first week and I'm looking forward to all the new adventures in teaching next week!


This week, I've had the chance to work with Spanish classes at the high school! It's been quite the experience, from spelling "vacaciones" hundreds of times to leading a vocabulary lesson when the teacher had to step out to deal with a problem. The challenge I've been having is getting the kids to trust me enough for them to ask for my help. While some of the more outgoing students are happy to shout, "Ms. Stanley, Ms. Stanley!" when they need something, others simply deny having questions. I hope the next two weeks will be just as informative and eventful as this one, because I'm learning so much here in New Mexico! (When we're not on dangerous adventures, of course...)


One week down and only two left, I'm observing and helping out in a high school Art classroom. My supervising teacher has presented me with multiple opportunities to work with students as an entire class and in one on one situations. I'm looking forward to the rest of our time here in Gallup and dreading the day we leave.

The seven of the (hopefully) future educators jamming at Canyon de Chelly! (From left to right: Laura, Olivia, Hannah, Nate, Jen, Peter, Mollie)