Jamaica, not just beach and beat

Yes, we have been playing hard. After all, it is J-term Play Term. But we have also been working hard. This course is about the Jamaican school system and comparing it to the U.S. Over the course of six days, we visited nine different Jamaican schools, each one offering a different peek and perspective into the way schools are run down here. We have visited primary schools, high schools, private schools, public schools, and even a few schools that cater specifically to children with special needs. Some schools bring back memories of our own grade school experience, while some make us thankful for the resources and teachers we were privileged with. The children have been so trusting and curious about us and what we are doing here. As an elementary education major, I was more than thrilled when a young boy asked me to help him with his math homework, using our fingers and the fingers of the girl next to us to help us add. Some of the things I have seen have made me cringe, while some (like being serenaded by children singing "One Love") left my heart feeling warm. Going forward, I am excited to find out how this experience will inform my teaching career. It'll be hard coming home, but I know a few teachers I'm going to hug and thank for all of the opportunities I have had that led me to this point.

Group visiting St Jago High School. We spent some hours observing and chatting with the students
Harrison Preparatory School. The students were performing a welcome song for us in Spanish.
Kensington primary school