Mountains and beaches

Kingston, Jamaica: A land with mangoes, coconuts, and sugarcanes. We see street vendors from our yellow bus as we drive from place to place. We experience jerky left sided traffic, hear numerous horns honking, and a goat is as common as a Luther squirrel. Our interaction with the locals, children, and environment has been a touristy one, but we were able to go to a non tourist beach this past Sunday. We left in the morning, seeing people walking in the street in their Sunday best on our way. When Americans go to the beach, it is a common sight to see people tanning and sunbathing. We dress in our best bikini and hope the sun makes our skin darker and our hair lighter, but Jamaicans experience the beach in the shade of trees, playing with their children. I spotted a donkey a ways away with its owner. A stranger wanted to take a picture with me then swiftly jetted off. A one hour massage was offered for 2000 Jamaican dollars (less than $20.00) and not too far away there was a concert for a local artist's birthday being set up. I've learned that the best way to find out about things is to ask questions and to observe your surroundings. I've also learned if I purchase something from every hustling street vendor just trying to survive, I will go broke. As we continue to learn and appreciate this culture, the little things like finding presents in coconuts and a cheerful child that just wants to touch your face seem to make the interaction a huge opportunity for cultural competency.

Hot sun, warm sand, salty ocean. Perfect! Fort clearance beach
The boys in our group decided to tan!
Beach, sand and ocean
The wonderful clear blue ocean! Nothing but water for miles