Warmth, Sea breeze, Jamaica!!!

We are safe and sound in Jamaica so all parents can relax! We are fine and extremely excited! Glad to beat at our final destination after such a long journey. We left campus early on Tuesday at 8am for Chicago, spent the night at a very lovely hotel and left Wednesday morning at about 4:45am for the airport. Our flight to Miami was about 3 hours and left at 7:30am. 

The most awesome part of the flight was the quick hour and a half flight to Kingston, Jamaica from Miami! We were all pretty pumped for the last leg of the journey and got so excited when the pilot annouced "We will begin our final decent into Kingston, cabin crew prepare for landing!".

Stepping out of the plane we felt an immediate rush of heat which we had been craving for as soon as we left Decorah! 

Kingston is absolutely breath-taking with colourful houses and the ocean side with its cool breeze! We are all looking forward to further exploring the island and learning more about its people, culture and ways of life! 

Streets of Kingston, Jamaica