Who is this guy anyway?

Hey everyone, my name is Jared Bidne and I'll be the course blogger for the J-term program to Chile. I'm currently a second-year student with a spanish and international studies double major and a linguistics minor. I'm a Decorah native, and I'm so lucky to call such a beautiful place my home. That being said, I'm also a lover of traveling, and I'm so excited to experience the beauty that Chile has to offer!

I've recently studied both cultural and environmental anthropology, and I've also recently been outside the country (to Guatemala and Belize) where I experienced firsthand the effects that tourism can have on a people. Now, I'm all too anxious to truly understand the impacts that tourism and mining have had on the indigenous people of Chile and their environment. I also look forward to sharing my experiences with you, and hope they will be as enlightening for you as they are for me!