Back at Luther!!

We all made it back home! After flying into MSP, we had a few days off for J-Term break, before heading back to begin our second semester on Wednesday, February 4th!

It has really been quite the whirlwind of changes and adjustments for us.  The weather, of course, is a big change.  Decorah is covered in striking snow, but I definitely miss that warm sunny weather in Cuenca!  It was also odd to speak English with family and friends, since I felt so accustomed to speaking Spanish after our time in Ecaudor.  We have all grown and changed, and for many of us, reverse-culture shock has been present in daily thoughts and interactions upon returning home.  

For many of us it was difficult to say goodbye to our host families.  After just a few weeks, bonds were made that I am sure will hold a special place in many of our hearts forever.  Thank goodness for technology, since now we are all able to stay in touch with our host families, even though we live 3,288 miles away!

Similarly, the bonds we formed within our group will leave a lasting impact, and I am so thankful for the many friendships made during this trip!

We really had a wonderful time learning and growing together in Cuenca, Ecuador.  

Thanks for journeying with us!   

The beautiful rainbow we saw in Saraguro at the beginning of our trip!
A group picture after our farewell dinner in Cuenca!