The Jungle: Part One

After a 5 hour bus ride in the morning we finally made it to the selva where we walked though a some winding paths to our isolated hotel. After settling into our cabin style rooms, we had lunch as a group in the hotel dining area. After that we received our boots to go on a hike in "the selva". Wilson, our tour guide and go-to man, showed us all the ins and outs of the jungle live for about 3 hours. We started the walk by putting on our natural bug spray: ants from the trees that you rub on your body. Don't worry parents, it's safe and really effective. But some of is can beg to differ by the million big bites on out legs. During the walk we saw a bunch of birds, plants, and insects.. One of them being the poisonous "conga" (basically just a huge ant that can make you really sick if it bites you). Some of us also got to swing from a vine just like Tarzan! Really sweet but also really slippery! Towards the end of the hike we got to eat a certain kind of ant. That's right, we ate ants. They tasted like lemon.. yum! Wilson took the time to make some of us hats made from really big leaves. Anna even got a homemade bag/purse made up right on the spot from leaves. When we got back to the hotel we had some down time. Dinner was at 7 and we had a really nice house made soup along with meat, veggies, and of course arroz (rice). We were really impressed with the food :) After dinner most of us took the free time to finish up some homework before falling asleep to the humming of the jungle. The end.

Learning about termites
Weaving crowns out of palm leaves