Spanish 341: Ecuador

Students on a guided tour learning about amazonian flora and fauna

The Jungle: Part One

Made it to the jungle on a rainy day around noon and took a 3 hour tour with our tour guide, Wilson. Had a pleasant dinner at our hotel and took the night off.

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Centro de Salud

Check out Joy's experiences during our internship at the Centro de Salud in Cuenca this week!

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Some students during our first day of Spanish class at the CEDEI!

Sunday in Saraguro

Learn more about the cleansing ceremony we had the opportunity to be a part of in Saraguro on Sunday and our interesting lunch following the ceremony!

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Estamos en Ecuador!

Hola! The blog site has not been working for the past couple days. But, it's fixed now! It may take a few blogs to catch up on the things we have done, so stay tuned.    

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