Leaving for the Amazon in the morning!

We leave for the Amazon at 5:00am tomorrow morning! We will be there until Sunday, staying at Limoncocha and Yasuni Kichwa Ecolodge.

Before we leave, here's a list of proposed individual observation projects that may or may not be approved:

1) Protective behaviors in maternal cayman.

2) Defensive postures in the fer-de-lance.

3) Bread crumbs: do they help to prevent getting lost in the Amazon?

4) Snake bite: was it venomous?

5) Botflies: a personal reflection and median botfly growth rate.

6) Confirmation of the conga ant being off the Schmidt sting pain index scale.

7) Wasp nests per hectare in terra-firma v.s. flood plain sites.

8) Mean wasp stings per disturbance by wasp species.

(Credit to Dr. Kevin Sand)

We are all very excited to spend a week in the rainforest, and I look forward to updating the blog when we get back to Quito once again!

Until next time,