Don't Stop Belizeing (but we have to)

After two weeks of being in Belize, it’s time to head back to the states. Having the opportunity to explore Mayan ruins, experiencing ecotourism for ourselves via cave tubing and zip lining, as well as 6 days of snorkeling and experience Belizean culture has made for a wonderful experience. We are leaving Ak’bol resort shortly and headed to the airport in San Pedro to catch a flight to Belize City. From there we will be flying to Houston and catching a connecting flight to MSP airport, where a bus will be waiting to shuttle us back to Luther. For the last couple of days of Jterm we will be working on papers in pairs, on various topics surrounding Belize and tourism, many topics sparked from observations made while in Belize.

Until next time, Easy Beliezy!

Katie & Sophie