Cold Front in Belize: 75 and Cloudy

Today we headed back out to snorkel at the Mexican Rocks Reef with Sebastian and Lucky Devil 2. Sebastian, our local Belizean guide, has been a guide for eighteen years and calls the sea his backyard. We stayed at Mexican Rocks for the duration of the snorkel in order to fully explore the site.

Despite the cloudy and "cold" conditions, many new organisms were seen. Members of the group spotted a common reef octopus, Hawksbill sea turtle, porcupine fish, lionfish, green moray eel, flounder, flying gurnard, and smooth trunkfish to name a few.

The site we were at had some downed coral and was quite shallow in places. We’ve discussed how sites such as these could benefit from designated reef routes, resting stations and guides in order to help the health of the reef, by avoiding breakage and sand being kicked up onto the reef, suffocating the coral.

Tomorrow, we will have an off day from the reef and take the opportunity to explore San Pedro, experiencing the culture of the Caye and focusing on final paper topics.

A small smooth trunkfish!
A large Green Moray eel spotted at Mexican Rocks reef jawing.
A Fireworm seen at Mexican Rocks. Although cute and fuzzy, if you touch it you will quickly understand its' name.
Coral seen at Mexican Rocks Reef.
A small yellow stingray seen hidden under some coral.