You Betta Belize It

This morning after another delicious breakfast at Ak'bol, including fresh watermelon, papya, and pineapple the crew headed out to sea under the guidance of Bigs, Vince and Roy--local marine guides. Baby Rose and Miss America 2 took us out to Coral Gardens where we snorkled for over and hour and then headed over to section "A" of Hol Chan, a marine reserve that is part of the National Park system. Hol Chan is Mayan for "little channel", appropriately named.

Both sites had a large abundance of marine life. Coral Gardens had many small fish, along with a couple Nurse Sharks and Great Barracudas. A vast array of corals including elk horn coral and fan coral were prevalent at both sites. Fishing in the Hol Chan reserve is prohibited and so we saw much larger fish at that site as compared to Coral Gardens. Tomorrow we will be headed back out to sea, exploring the northern coast of Ambergris Caye.

Students aboard Baby Rose with Bigs as captain.
Fan coral and a yellowhead wrasse (juvenille) at Hol Chan.
Sophie snorkels down to look at some coral at Coral Gardens.
Sea rod coral in the foreground and elkhorn coral in the background seen at Hol Chan.