What a beautiful city!!!

Greetings to Everyone!

Yay! We made it to Oslo, Norway! I don't even know where to start! Oslo is really such a beautiful city. The city is home to Norway's King Harald V and Queen Sonja and The Royal Palace. During our stay in Oslo, we have been given the opportunity to have free entry into mostly all of the museums located in the city. Their transportation system makes it easy and very accessible to go anywhere and everywhere. Not only is the city gorgeous, the snow makes it even better. Having snow in the middle of January makes it feel just like home. We had the chance to attend the service of First Lutheran's sister church, Holmen church. Not only did we attend the service, but we also led a hymn. Despite the fact that most of us are not music majors or can't sing very well, as we united, we sounded almost as good as Celtic Women. Oslo is one of the Scandinavian capitals. Like you probably know, Scandinavia is the world's richest territory. Trust me; a visit here will guarantee you the best experience ever.

Finally got the chance to see the real Nobel Peace Center.
At last, we get to see some snow before winter ends!