Our days in Husum, Germany!

Guten Tag!

First of all, I would like to apologize for being unable to stay consistent with the blogs due to wifi issues. I am sure that most of you are dying to hear about the amazing things that we have done! I, myself, am dying to tell you folks about our adventures and experiences. This blog may be a bit long but please bare with me because its been so long and there's just so much to tell!

After an 8 hour flight from Chicago to Amsterdam, 1 hour flight from Amsterdam to Hamburg, and a 2 hour train ride from Hamburg to Husum, we finally arrived in our beautiful hostel. The night of our arrival, we had our very first German meal at a restaurant in town. For most of us, it was our very first time ordering an alcoholic drink without having to show our ID's because Germany's drinking age is 16!

On our first day in Husum, we had the opportunity to climb a wind turbine and visit a Biogas plant facility in a small village called Bohmstedt. Climbing a wind turbine was not an easy thing to do but the pain was all worth it. We had to climb eight flights of ladder up to the top of the turbine. At the top, the convertible turbine shell opened up and we were exposed to an unimaginable view. Of course we took photos and soon we made our way back down the flights of ladder. After the wind turbine, we visited a biogas facility in Bohmstedt. The manager told us that 400 out of 700 people in the village were involved in the biogas plant. Most of the farmers were willing to offer their land and pay for a better future through sustainability. Through this, we can see that community plays a big role in the German society. 

On our second day in Husum, we visited Senvion, a wind turbine manufacturer, and attended a green elementary school. At Senvion, we were given a tour around the factory and saw the steps of how each wind turbine is made. It was an amazing process to witness. After the Senvion factory, we headed to the green elementary school and had the oppotunitty to see how passionate the children and parents were about being sustainable. The students, parents, and staff of the school came together and built a garden at the school. Seeing children at such a young age helping the community and being sustainable makes us feel assured that the future generations can help keep the earth a clean place. 

On our third day in Husum, we visited a dike in Dagebull and did some water color painting. Who would have expected that a bunch of American students would get blown away by wind coming at the speed of 80 mph. Standing at the top of the dike, the wind was so strong that it could hold our body if we leaned in. After experiencing such dangerous wind, we settled down at the Steding's hotel and expressed our minds through water color painting. After painting, we loaded up the bus and headed back to our hostel in Husum. This was our last night in Husum because we would be arriving in Utersen the next day to meet our host families. 

Husum treated us well and welcomed us with such great adventures! I know that this was a long blog so thank you for sticking until the end. We finished our job in Husum therefore our next destination will be Utersen. Please look forward to hearing about our home stays with German families. 

The whole group at the Chicago airport before our flight to Amsterdam!