Their Would Haves are our Possibilities

What an impactful way to conclude our three week adventure studying Jews and Judaism in Europe.

    While our trip has studied the masses of those not killed but murdered during WWII, today we visited the home of one girl whose life was greatly influenced by these events. Visiting the Anne frank house was a highlight for both of us as it reminded us of the many individual stories that can't be truly depicted. As we saw with the concentration camps here too we were effected by both the motivation and struggles that families had to endure to stay alive. Throughout the museum we were reminded of Anne's aspiration to become a writer and yet she never was able to see the inspiration she would bring to those of all ages and diversities through her thoughtful diary entries. Anne may not be here today, but her story will live on for years to come.

   Following the visit to the annex, we next visited the home or Rembrandt, a Dutch painter, printmaker and teacher. Rembrandt is important to our study of Judaism for his interest and acceptance of Jewish culture, he often included Jewish subject matter or people in his paintings. His story reminds us that not all people were uninterested in Judaism as we see with the nazi regime and Martin Luther. One of the most lasting impressions taken from his home was the demonstrations of print making processes and mixing of oil paint pigments something that Rembrandt taught all of his students, they often mixed the pigment for his own paintings. His home was filled floor to ceiling with his personal art collection consisting of both his own works and that of his students, a sight to see!

    In conclusion we can speak for all of us when we say that this trip has impacted students to stand against change and a brighter future against prejudices against human race.

    "I think if she lived she would have written books, she would have helped others she would have used her extraordinary intelligence to organize our thoughts about the world. I think she would have loved generously without prejudice, I think she would have had great what I say now is the only thing we have to remember is that her would haves are our real possibilities" -Emma Thompson speaking on behalf of Anne Frank, "Her would haves are our real possibilities"


Signing off! Jenna and Erica

Outside of the Anne Frank House.
Outside of Rembrandt's home in Amsterdam.