A Journey Through Jewish History

    Hello everyone! Yes, we are indeed in Amsterdam as of last night but due to glitchy wifi in Berlin, this blog was having troubles uploading. So, here is Kate and Heather's thoughts and experiences while at the Jewish Museum of Berlin!

    This afternoon we visited Berlin's Jewish Museum. The architecture of the building was very unique in comparison to the museums we have seen thus far. The designer, Daniel Liebskind, used void spaces in order to depict the signifigant loss of Jews from the German population. Liebskind said, "What is important is the experience you get from it. The interpretation is open". In comparison to Aushwitz and Terezin, we felt as though the experience was much more individualistic and contemporary.

    When viewing some exibits it felt as though you were peering into a window that uncovered the life of an individual object. Each "window" was a blackened oval that allowed only one viewer to look in at a time. In other parts of the museum though, there were many interactive exhibits. This had not been the case in many other museums.We also found it interesting that the museum focused much more on Jewish lives, and the way they lived, rather than focusing on the Holocaust. It seemed to put more emphasis on the lives and communities of people rather than objects portraying the mass deaths.

    Overall, Berlin's Jewish Museum was a good change of pace from our walking tours and other museums we have visited thus far.


-Heather and Kate