Wittenberg, Germany

Yesterday, we spent the day in Wittenberg and we got to see a lot of Martin Luther sites. We toured his house and learned the intricacies of his personal life as well as cleared up why our website is called "katie". For those who don't know, Luther's wife's name was Katherine. It was cool for us to see a big part of the history surrounding the name of our college. While we learned a lot of positive parts of our college's history, we also touched on the darker side of his beliefs.

Although Luther was responsible for many positive things, his relationship with Judaism was mostly negative in nature. While he had little to no interaction with them, he formed strong opinions about the Jews that were far from positive. This was a great lesson for us, as it taught us our responsibility as ambassadors of a college wearing his name.

Martin Luther had flaws just like any other individual. He sparked the creation of many great ideas but also had controversial ideas when looked at in our time. While they were widely reflected in Luther's time, it does not excuse them. This is a great lesson for us all to learn because it teaches us to think about filtering the information we hear every day and thinking about the bigger picture.

-Reilly and Cory

A statue of Katherina, Martin Luther's wife.