These are a few of our favorite things

Well it is official, we are finally home and the greatest J-Term course of 2015 is finished.

...I'm not ready to be done. Can we go back to the beginning and do it all over again?!

Since that is unfortunately not an option, let us instead talk about the good things that we have experienced during this amazing class.

After our long but successful travels back to the United States (there were a few casualties in the form of several bottles of Italian wine, but that was the worst of the events), while we were waiting in the Chicago airport to begin the final leg of our journey home, I passed around my journal and asked each person to write down a favorite. I told them it could be anything, from a favorite food to a favorite site or experience, whatever memory they would cherish from our Roman adventure. So here are each of their responses:

"Climbing the Duomo in Florence and watching the sun set overlooking the city" -Jayse

"The hail at Mt.Vesuvius and the sunshine after the weather cleared" -Tia

"Seeing the beautiful coast in Capri!" -Elie

"Climbing Mt.Vesuvius will be something I will never forget" -Andrew B

"Looking out over the Bay of Naples at night in Sorrento, also the Fish and Chips with Fabio" -Colin

"Having our chilly adventures on Mt.Vesuvius and watching out group warm up to each other, to see by the end the easy comeraderie between us adn new friendships forged :) Plus Pompeii and Herculaneum were beautiful!" -Cailin

"Mt. Vesuvius was a life-changing experience" -Trent

"Seeing the sunset over the hills of Florence atop the Duomo. Perhops the most beautiful site that I have seen in my life" -Anders

"Going to the top of Mt.Vesuvius and getting to see the amazing sights... Before it hailed on us. Totally worth it, would do it again in a heartbeat" -Andrew C

"Laying eyes upon the statue of David and seeing Michelangelo's extrordinary works of art" -Josh

"Climbing Mt.Vesuvius and the story it created" -Karl

Experiencing our own adventure as a group when we climbed Mt.Vesuvius in the rain and descended to see the storm clear" -Velvet

"Exploring Florence all the way to a museum and the other side of the river. Also. Mt.Vesuvius." -Eliza

"Karaoke at the Red Garter and climbing Mt.Vesuvius in the hail!" -Berit

"Good days like climbing Mt.Vesuvius and even better nights" -Isaak

"Seeing the Vatican, top of the Duomo, and climbing Vesuvius. Hanging out with awesome people!" -Brett

"Ostia was my favorite site, and Mt.Vesuvius was my favorite experience!" -Brittany

"Easting pesto and the drive to Amalfi as well as being on the beach at Amalfi" -Sammi

"Spaghetti sauce with bacon in it. Florentine steak cost $45 but worth it" -Rennie a.k.a Momma Duck

"Mt.Vesuvius was incredible, and to see it with this group made it all the more fun and magical! Fantastic group!" -Professor Dan Davis

And I guess I should add my own as well, but I think I may pull rank here as blogger and abstain because I don't know that I could ever pick just one things. This whole trip has been such an amazing experience, I've seen and done so many great things and got to enjoy it all with such a great group of people. I've already been getting sappy on you all and expressing how much I am going to miss all this, but it is so true. I will never forget this trip, it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I am so thankful for all of it.

So this is Callie, signing off for the last time. Hope you enjoyed this blog and through reading were able to have even a fraction as much fun as we did actually living it.


The plane to take us back to the U.S. Bittersweet goodbyes!