In transit


Today we ventured back from the southern coast of Italy and ended up back in Rome. Suprisingly I was unable to find a nice Italian girl with farm land on the coast so it looks like I will be returning to the states in a few days after all.

The bus ride back to Rome was filled with scholarly discussion and a short graceful and poised nap. For lunch several of us decided to try the local delicacy of Italian Chinese food.  Today is also Trent's birthday which according to him is deserving of his own ancient Roman triumph parade like the emperors used to do to commemorate the end of large wars.  Instead we will probably just have a light dinner and call it an early night in hopes of being well rested for the pantheon tomorrow.


Today was pretty tame, especially compared to the adventures we have been having throughout the last month and even more specifically the last few days, but sometimes it is nice to have a short breather just to regroup and get ready for the things to come.

We did go a bit off the traditional Italian path today, breaking from the routine pizza and pasta routine to instead get Chinese. Through to be fair we did at least attempt to Romanize it a bit by creating an erupting Mt.Vesuvius with my rice and sweet & sour lava. We are adults, I swear.

But I think the plan for the rest of the night is just to chill and then off again on one last big adventure tomorrow!