I'm On A Boat!


Today was by far the most beautiful day here in Italy yet. We took a ferry to the island of Capri. We got to walk up these winding and narrow pathways to amazing views of the various coast lines. Because it was raining earlier that day, we could look out and see other islands in the distance. Our guide said it only happens on days where the weather was bad earlier in the day. It really is a moment I will never forget.

Later, we ended up going to the Villa San Michele which is a museum for Doctor Axel Munthe from Sweden. His villa was beautiful and up high on a cliff. Dr. Munthe was the official doctor for the royal Swedish family as well as being an architect and creating the first dog shelter in Capri. There is also a beautiful Lutheran church still on the lands that is still used for videos. Another cool thing was a sphinx statue that is said to bring luck if you touch its left flank. Needless to say a lot of our class was rubbing it for luck. We did luck out with beautiful weather, only to get some rain right before we left for our ferry ride back to Sorrento. Now we're getting ready to head back to Rome for the past part of our trip!


She was not kidding when she said beautiful, because WOW! The views we saw today were beyond amazing and we all took sooo many pictures, but looking at them now we all agreed that they don't do the island justice. So breathtaking.

We did run into a small spot of bad luck today though. The reason we went to the island was to see the Villa Jovis, the house of Emperor Tiberius which was built on one of the peaks of Capri. We climbed all the way to the top only to discover that it is closed for the season... Yeah, bummer. So we again stood at the gates and looked in on what we could see if we were normal tourists and came here during the normal time, but alas.

We did see some other cool things, including the house Elie talked about above, but honestly it would have been worth it just to go to the island simply for the boat ride and landscape. Anytime you can look back on the land from the middle of the sea is a treat, and we were not disappointed at all in this aspect.

View from the top, near the Villa Jovis
The water was so clear!
I think we all decided we wanted to move here!